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The Ultimate Feature Phone: Nokia’s N95

Posted in mobile devices on December 26, 2007 by Adam
At Mobio, we’re all about supporting every phone in the universe from our apps. Our platform enables one app to target the plethora of J2ME devices, Windows Mobile and Blackberry smartphones – all from a single app and codebase. So we tend not to be too centric on a single device. I carry a varying set of devices around with me. This fall I had the pleasure of creating and co-teaching a course on mobile application development at Carnegie Mellon West with Todd Sedano and Vidya Setlur (more on the content of that class later). Nokia graciously supplied all of the students and myself with Nokia N95s just as they arrived on the US market.In a short time, this has become my favorite featurephone (a phone emphasizing lightweight and usually sporting a T9 keyboard versus smartphones which feature QWERTY keyboards). It features a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. It has support for Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and microSD . Among its many other markets, this is the outdoorsman’s device par excellence. I never do an ultra without it. I would take an N95 over a iPhone any day.
Specifically here’s what I liked about this phone:
  • high megapixel camera, which can be easily activated by just opening up the lens
  • upload to Flickr
  • GPS with a nice mapping application
  • very lightweight
  • video output (this was great for students demonsrating their projects)
What could be improved:

  • a better oncamera tagging and photo arranging capability, using all device capabilities, such as GPS and phone contacts (more on this later)
  • batch upload of photos
  • Somehow the camera keeps ending up in video mode although I’ve never specifically set it to do so
  • The phone app should appear on the home screen. When I’ve leant the phone to people they’ve had a hard time figuring out how to make a phone call
Apparently an 8GB version for North American is on the way with support for 3G networks as well.